+ I'm a Kickstarter backer and I'm tired of waiting for my rewards, can I get a refund ?

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There's a big stack of boxes full of shirts and hoodies which have been sitting here in my garage and I would like nothing more then to send them out asap. However a lot of backers never paid there shipping costs and the money of those that did was invested in the production of the game. The plan is to gradually ship those rewards as shipping money becomes available, but unfortunately I can't tell you how soon that will be.

REFUNDS: Unfortunately I can not issue any refunds as all of the money has been spent on the game's production. Keep in mind that Kickstarter is a funding platform not a store, when you pledge on Kickstarter you're doing so to support a project you believe in. Of course rewards will be fulfilled as promised, but I can only do so when more budget becomes available.

+ When is On a Roll coming to PS4/Xbox One ?

As promised during our Kickstarter campaign, On a Roll is set for release on Xbox One and PS4 and we have all the dev kits and certifications in order to make this happen. Unfortunately, the porting process is taking longer than expected and I want to share with you the reasons why.

After our Kickstarter ended, I was also granted a government funding, which enabled me to hire a second team member to help me with the coding and porting of the game. At first, our collaboration went well, but it soon became clear that our vision and motivations for On a Roll were not compatible. So we decided to each go our separate ways.

This meant that I not only had to finish my own workload for the game, but also had to take on the unfinished work of our programmer. As a result I had to finish twice the amount of work in the same timeframe.

I know a lot of you are wondering why the development of this game is taking so long. Consider this: EA’s SKATE was made by a team of about 30 people and was in production for about 2 years, this means it would take a single person roughly 60 years to achieve a similar result with the same high standards. While On a Roll doesn’t offer all of the same features SKATE did, I can assure you that the mechanics behind it are just as complex. Obviously I’m not saying you’ll have to wait another 55 years for the game to come out. I just want to give you some perspective on the work involved in a huge production like this one.

While these are not ideal circumstances, I don’t want to let anyone down and I will do what I can to salvage the situation. I’m determined to deliver the game as promised. This does mean that I cannot yet give you an exact release date for the console versions. Thank you so much for your continued patience and understanding. Please know that I will send everyone who pledged for the console version a complementary Steam key as a courtesy for their patience.

+ Will there be a beta or demo version for consoles ?

At the moment we have no plans of setting up a Beta test for PS4/Xbox One nor do we plan to release a demo version.

+ What about the Xbox 360 / PS3 version ?

While I did originally intend to release On a Roll for previous generation consoles (PS3/Xbox 360) and would still very much like to do so, the game engine I'm using to develop On a Roll, stopped supporting these platforms shortly after our Kickstarter campaign ended, meaning that there is no way for me to still release the game on these platforms.

+ What about the Mac/Linux version?

On a Roll will eventually be released for Mac and Linux. However currently I don't have access to appropriate systems to properly test and debug the game on these platforms. At the moment I can not give you an exact release date, but as promised these platforms will be supported. Keep in mind that to run the game on a Mac a very powerful system is required. You will need at least a Mac pro with a powerful graphics card. This means that most conventional Mac books will not be able to run the game. If you do own a powerful Mac system and would already like to play the game you can do so by installing bootcamp on your Mac. For more info about bootcamp, please have a look over here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468

+ What about iOS / Android / Nintendo Switch / PS VITA etc ?

We currently have no plans to release the game for these platforms, On a Roll was developed with powerful platforms in mind, as a result less powerful devices such as Mobile phones, tablets and most portable consoles lack sufficient processing power to run the game. Although the game could be optimized for such platforms down the line, this is a very time consuming and costly process and not the current priority.

+ Will there be a DRM free version ?

At this time I have no plans to release a DRM free version.

+ Will we be able to ride skateboards, scooters, bikes in a future update of the game ?

On a Roll is an inline skating game and it was developed from the ground up as such. Meaning controls and certain core game mechanics have all been developed with inline skating in mind. As I am an inline skater myself this is where my main passion lies. For these reasons I don't think I will ever include other sports in the game. But who knows maybe there will be a sequel one day which does include them.

+ Will the game be localized/translated for my country/language?

I do have plans to localize the game for multiple languages such as: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese etc.

+ How can I request a review copy ?

Review copies can be requested via Keymailer (www.keymailer.co)

+ I would like to: write an article / do an interview / review on YouTube / stream on Twitch / organize a Giveaway ?

If you're interested in writing an article, interview or you have different press related request you can reach us via the contact form.

+ I would like to offer my services as an artist, programmer, UI designer etc.

Are you excited about On a Roll and have the required skills and experience to contribute to the team? Feel free to send us your portfolio + motivation via the contact form.

+ Can I submit my music ?

Yes, music can be submitted via the contact form. Make sure to include a link to your music.

+ Is there a free demo available ?

We have no plans of releasing a demo version of On a Roll, that being said the game is currently available for a very modest price in Early Access through Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377060/On_a_Roll/

+ Is there a Discord Server ?

Yes there is, one of our dedicated community members Byron B. was kind enough to set it up for us head to: https://discord.gg/jMxwHHH

+ Can I please receive the game for free, I can't afford it ?

We don't hand out free copies of On a Roll except to winners of the occasional competitions we run through our social media channels. On a Roll is developed by an Indie team of just two people. Creating a game is a big undertaking and in most cases takes several years and a huge budget to develop.

+ Where can i provide Feedback ?

you can leave your feedback at https://www.facebook.com/groups/onarollgroup/ or http://onaroll-studio.proboards.com/

+ How can we become a sponsor ?

You can request an info sheet about our very moderately priced sponsorship packages via the contact form. For a list of our current sponsors head to: https://www.onarollthegame.com/brands/

Yes, however these opportunities are only available to sponsors. If you or your company are interested in becoming a sponsor you can request an info sheet about our sponsorship packages via the contact form.

At the beginning of our production we reached out to pretty much all of the major brands in the inline skating industry. The companies currently in the game are the ones who expressed their interest in being involved.

+ Why is pro skater [...] not involved ?

We reached out to a most inline skating's most iconic athletes, most of them wanted to be involved. I would love to have every major pro skater to be featured in On a Roll, however with our studio being located in Belgium it was not always easy to find a practical and affordable solution to make it happen.

+ Will there be online multiplayer functionality ?

Although I originally really wanted to include an online multiplayer feature in the game and still do. Including such a feature would push back On a Roll's final release date too far. However if one day we decide to make a sequel, it's very likely an online multiplayer will be included.

+ Will there be a Splitscreen mode ?

I have no plans to include a splitscreen mode at this time. however the game does already feature a turn based 2 player BLADE mode which can be accessed via the Waterpark on the in-game map.

+ Where can I buy the game ?

On a Roll can be purchased via Steam at: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377060/On_a_Roll/

+ What is Steam and how does it work ?

For more info about the Steam gaming platform head to: http://store.steampowered.com/about/

+ What are the minimum system requirements for On a Roll ?

* Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
* OS: Windows 7 64-bit or later
* Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 2.5Ghz
* Memory: 8 GB RAM
* Graphics: Geforce GT 740 / Radeon R7 260X
* DirectX: Version 11
* Storage: 5 GB available space
* Sound Card: DirectX compatible
* Additional Notes: A game controller is required to play the game